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Client Testimonials

Wonderful Stories from our Ever After Events

Now that your event has come and gone, we want to hear all about it! Share some details and photos of your event!

Chloe & Griff L’Ecuyer

May 20, 2023

We knew we wanted an intimate wedding ceremony and reception, and Ever After was the perfect place for that! We found it because I bought my dress from the summer sale and fell in love with the outdoor space. We wanted our wedding to be a full reflection of ourselves, and we felt like we could achieve that in this venue! I dyed my hair purple to match my bouquet as well as the inside of my husband’s plaid suit, along with wearing a crystal crown and matching converse with our wedding date printed on the back. One of our favorite things was that my cousin was our officiant. During our ceremony, she incorporated ideas and rituals from our life and many different cultures. Our favorites included rolling D20 dice from Dungeons and Dragons to decide who would do their vows first, followed by trading daggers (which are based on an ancient viking tradition). Everything about our day felt so special and unique to us! From feeling ethereal to eating churros and dancing all night long, our day was absolutely perfect. Photo Credit: Rebekkah Cefai

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